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Money Machine Dream Team (AIOP Teambuild) Review

MMDT (Money Machine Dream Team) is a AIOP team build from Daniel Rydstedt.

AIOP (All in One Profits) is an evergreen program, with a great compensation plan.

AIOP was founded in 2012. This program has an honest admin, and they provide good support.



The AIOP Compensation Plan

With only $11.5 monthly fee, you get access to the basic membership of All in One Profits.

Once you become a member of AIOP, you can refer others to AIOP. All odd referrals are passed to you (which means you become the sponsor of all odd referrals).

All even referrals that you get, are passed up to your sponsor. Which means your sponsor becomes the sponsor of all your even referrals.

Now, as each of your odd referrals start promoting their AIOP link, they will start to get referrals, and all of the even referrals they get, will be passed up to you.

Can you see the power of this? As time passes, you can build your downline infinitely wide and infinitely deep, and for each downline member you become a sponsor, you receive a $10 monthly commission from them.

AIOP compensation plan is designed in such a way that this business will work for YOU no matter who you are or what your situation is. With a small monthly fee of $11.50, you get access to a great compensation plan, and all the essential online marketing tools.

AIOP is your “all in one solution” to achieve success.



The Money Machine Dream Team

The Money Machine Dream Team follows a simple 2 step process, to build your AIOP business:-

Step #1 :-  Recruit 6 good people, Who are committed to completing the 2 step plan.

Step #2 :-  Do Step #1 at all cost, to work as long as it takes, to get your 6 good people.

This is a simple 2 step plan that allows anyone to change their life financially with little cost, and virtually no risk.

When you join Money Making Dream Team, you will receive the tools and support to get your minimum 6 people, who will be committed to follow the 2 step plan.

Click HERE to sign up, and get access to the training video.

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