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Why Take Part in Various Pricebenders Auctions from Tripleclicks?

Pricebenders Auction division from Tripleclicks store (TC store), is the penny auction division, where you can take part in various auctions, and get a chance to win various physical and digital items.

To take part in any auction, you need to have some TCredits in your TC account.

You can check various TCredits packs from HERE.

If you are a SFI affiliate, you can login to TC store with your same SFI id and password.

Or, if you are not an SFI affiliate, you can join Tripleclicks simply from here.

Note: SFI affiliates can take part in some additional auctions like PSA auctions, CSA auctions, s builder unit auctions etc.

But if you are not an SFI affiliate, and just a TC member, you can take part in many other auctions, including various physical auctions, TCredits auctions etc.

Once logged in to the TC store, create your tripleclicks avatar and username (which is very easy to do), purchase some TCredits, and then start bidding in whatever auction you choose to participate.

To place a bid an auction, you need to spend a TCredit. For each TCredit you spend for placing a bid in any auction, you win 1 versa point and 5 member reward points (MRPs).

In this blog post, I am going to list some reasons why you should consider taking part in various Pricebeners auctions at TC store.



(1) Reason #1 : Taking Part in Pricebenders Auctions will help you to promote Pricebender Auction more effectively

When you take part in various pricebender auctions yourself, you will have the knowledge when how to place bids, when to place bids etc. You will have the idea about how other bidders are bidding, who are the power bidders etc. You will also have idea about at what times, bidding is more profitable, when there are less bidders in the auctions etc.

Having all these knowledge will help you to promote pricebender auctions effectively. Remember, if you are a SFI affiliate, you can promote pricebender auction, and whenever you refer someone, and that person buys a TCredit pack, you will earn 45% of the commission volume of the purchase, along with all the sales versa points that are attached to the product.



(2) Reason #2 : Taking part in pricebender auctions continuously, will  develop your skills as a bidder

Remember, the more you take part in these auctions, the more you will get ideas about how to bid and when to bid. You will be able to come out your own unique strategies to how to outbid others and win the auction.



(3) Reason #3 : Taking part in pricebender auctions continuously, will help build your SFI business

As SFI is a network marketing company (since SFI’s compensation plan works on the same principles of a network marketing company’s compensation plan), it is clear that the more personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs) you have under you, the more chance some of them will become active, and will help build your downline team.

As a result, you must continually look for new PSAs all the time. There are various PSA auctions running all the time (5 PSAs auctions, 10 PSAs auctions, 25 PSAs auctions etc). If you take part in these auctions and win the auctions, you can receive PSAs at a very low cost, and this can help build your SFI team.



(4) Reason #4 : You can take part in physical auctions, and if you win, you can exchange your auction won items with TCredits

TCredits are the digital currency of tripleclicks. You can spend a TCredit to place a bid in any pricebenders auction, or take part in any Eager Zebra game.

Any tripleclicks member from any part of the world, can take part in all physical auctions from Pricebenders Auction division, and if you win any physical auction, when you order that auction won item, during the order process you have an option to exchange your auction won item with a number of TCredits.

Just login to tripleclicks, and go to any physical item auction page, and check the right side for “TCredits exchange value”. This number denotes how many TCredits you get when you exchange the auction won item with TCredits.



(5) Reason #5 : Consistently taking part in various auctions will help you understand when is the right time for you to bid in certain auctions.

By continually taking parts in various auctions, you will have idea about when is the best time to bid in certain auctions. For example, there are various TCredit pack auction, or PSA/CSA/PRM auctions that you want to take part and win. How for some days, if you continually take part in them, you will have a good idea is when is the right time to take part in a certain auction, because there will be less number of bidders then.

Note that, taking part in an auction does not always mean placing a lots of bids in that auction. If you just place one or two bids in an auction, and then watch from the sideline, how others are bidding, that is also taking part in that auction.





Reason #6 : Different Amazon Gift Cards are available as auction items

If you like to shop at Amazon, you will love Pricebenders Auction from TC store. This is because, recently TC store’s Pricebender Auction Division is also featuring Various Amazon Gift Cards Auctions. These gift cards can be of variety of denominations from $20 on up to $400.

You can read this SFI news from HERE

NOTE: Due to restrictions beyond SFI’s control, (India) and (Mexico) are currently unavailable for participation at this time.




Reason #7 : New Items are Continuously Added at Pricebenders Auction

As Pricebenders Auctions increases in popurlarity, I have seen more and more NEW AUCTION ITEMS being added.

Here are examples of some recent additions:

Bluedio Turbine T2s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

FlexSafe by AquaVault–Anti-Theft Portable Safe, Travel Vault, LockBox

Pawbo Life Pet Camera

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender w/Whisk & Chopper Attachments

$75 cash card for ANY item your heart desires from Amazon & 50 TCredits

Automotive 720p HD Dashcam with Night Vision & 50 TCredits

Silver American Eagle Coin With Acrylic Coin Capsule

Syma S107C Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro & Camera/Video Recording

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale: Measures Weight, Fat, Muscle, Bone & Hydration with Auto Recognition and Infant Tare Technology




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