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SFI Introduces the Rewardical Program

Recently, SFI has introduced its new Rewardical program, which is a powerful new loyalty program for businesses (and a crazy cool program for SFI affiliates).

The businesses that participate in this program, can now automatically award “Rewardical” reward tokens to their customers.

The customers who receive rewardical tokens, can then redeem these tokens, for a variety of irresistible goodies at, including:

-Pure silver bullion bars
-TripleClicks gift certificates (redeemable on any product at TripleClicks)

Customers can also donate their Rewardicals (that is, we’ll convert them to cash and make a donation on their behalf to a charity of their choosing).

More redeemable items to come!






Official Reward Token of Localvantia

Rewardical program is also the official reward for SFI’s powerful and groundbreaking new division called Localvantia, and will likely be THE most important component of Localvantia, empowering it to attract millions of people in the months to come!

By simply enrolling in Localvantia, businesses will be able to immediately begin awarding Rewardical tokens to their customers.




What are Rewardicals?

Rewardicals (sometimes referred to Rewardical Tokens or RT) are amazing digital tokens someone can earn FREE while…

– Shopping and dining at local businesses
– Shopping at online stores (including TripleClicks)
– Playing online games and contests at TripleClicks and the SFI Affiliate Center

You can then redeem your Rewardical tokens whenever you want for a variety of cool products and other irresistible goodies–including VersaPoints, free Bitcoin, gift cards, silver bullion, and more!

To redeem your RTs, you must have a rewardical account. You can create a rewardical account from HERE

Use promo code: f593ea






Some Other Great Benefits of the Rewardical Program:

(1) The Rewardical Loyalty Program has a very powerful, built-in referral program.

SFI affiliates, now by just referring PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) and PRMs (Personally Referred Tripleclicks Members), can earn rewardical tokens. For every 10 Rewardicals (or rewardical tokens), earned by your PSAs and PRMs, you’ll earn one Rewardical token.

Example: Your PSAs and PRMs earn 50,000 Rewardicals in December shopping at local merchants. On January 1st, you’ll automatically be awarded 5,000 Rewardicals…that you can then exchange for whatever you want…VersaPoints, TCredits, CSAs, Bitcoin, etc.


(2) SFI affiliates, can now earn rewardical tokens, by taking part in various reward programs from SFI, like tripleclicks daily crown drawing, Daily Biz Quiz, Daily Grand, Badge Quest Contest etc.


(3) SFI affiliates can now earn rewardical tokens by making purchases from Tripleclicks store. Purchases like various TCredit Packs, Builder Bundle, super deals, tripleclicks direct product purchases etc, comes now with rewardical tokens.


(4) Even if you are not an sFI affilate, you can still create a rewardical account, and refer other rewardical members. If you refer any rewardical member, that member becomes your “rewardical PRM”, and then, as described in (1), you will earn 1 rewardical tokens for every 10 rewardical tokens earned by your rewardical PRMs.

You can create a rewardical account from HERE

Use promo code: f593ea



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