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An introduction to SFI

What is SFI?

SFI stands for Strong Future International Marketing Group, and it is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the world.

SFI is one of the top network marketing companies online today. SFI is now in its 19th year, and its parent company, Carson Services Inc, is now in its 32nd year in business.

SFI has millions of affiliates, who operate with the peace of mind, by associating with a proven, debt-free organization, with a long, successful history.

Starting with just one product, sold only in the U.S., SFI has grown to over 90K products and  services (and is growing daily), sold in more than 190 countries around the world.

For nearly two decades now, SFI has been providing anyone who is willing to work, a great way to earn extra income – from the comfort of their home.

Since SFI provides outstanding training and marketing tools, hence to get started with SFI, it  does not matter whether you have and experience in marketing or not. Simply plugin to their proven system, and go to work!

And the best part of SFI is that they are only scratching the surface of what they are likely  to become during the next 10 years. Their potential is off the charts!



The Job of A SFI affiliate

As an SFI affiliate, your job is to sell various products from SFI’s e-commerce store  tripleclicks. You can do the sales yourself, and/or teach your downline members to do the same.

Since SFI’s compensation plan operates on the same principles of a network marketing company’s compensation plan, you get paid for both your own sales and your downline team sales.

There are some other ways to earn income from SFI, for example, when your downline team members  purchases products from tripleclicks, you make a commission.

Also, you can refer E commerce associates (ECAs) to tripleclicks store, and earn royalties for  life, whenever they make sales.

Also, SFI offers a profit sharing program to all SFI affiliates, where 40% of all sales each  month from tripleclicks store, goes to a profit sharing pool, which then distributed to all SFI affiliates, who meet certain criterias.



What is Tripleclicks? (or simply TC store), is SFI’s online ecommerce store. SFI sells more than 90K products from here.

There are also a game division and a penny auction division within tripleclicks, both of which  are highly popular.

Learn more about tripleclicks from here.



Why Should You Consider Joining SFI?

SFI does not provide you with any false promises of instant riches. However, considering the fact that online sales is growing at a rapid rate, there is plenty more to gain from joining companies like SFI.

SFI has been serving entrepreneurs from all over the world for nearly 2 decades (its parent comapany for 3 decades). There are many SFI affiliates who are with this company for more than 7 years.

SFI is highly rated and trusted bronze member of BBB (Better Business Bureau).

To join SFI as an affiliate, there is no joining fees. You can join for free, and test drive SFI as long as you want, with no obligation. Get access to the world-class training center – for as long as you want – and without ever any cost. Do as little or as much with SFI as you want. Go fast, go slow, it does not matter. And, all the while, you can earn while you learn.

At SFI, we strive to teach you about how to make money, not spend it. And only when you make money, we will make money. There is no purchase requirement. We are going to do everything in our power power to make sure you become successful – because we become successful only when our affiliates (like you) become successful.

When you become an SFI affiliate, you automatically get a tripleclicks (TC) account.As an SFI affiliate, TC becomes your store. A store with over 90K products, and growing daily. Thus your own online store could be making sales for your 24/7, and earn commissions while you  sleep. With over 90K products, and a game division and a penny auction division, just imagine the possibilities.

No previous business experience needed. Our extensive online training, innovative plug-and-play  sales aids allow you to get started quickly, and earn as you learn. Perfect for the newbies.

Earn income globally 24/7. Both front end cash, and ongoing, back end residual income that can gradually replace your current job or career. And there is no ceiling to how much you can earn.

You can do your SFI business part time. Your SFI business won’t interfere with your current job or profession.

More reasons to join SFI:-

– A lucrative, powerful compensation plan

– deep override commissions

– long term residual income potential

– comapanywide profit sharing commission pool

– Work with like minded fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world for mutual success

– Thousands of SFI affiliates around the world earn commissions every day

– Debt-free company

– Fun, fast, modern program built for the Internet

– Continuous income cycling (earn 24 hours a day/365 days a year)

– 90K+ commissionable products + new products added daily

– Receive World-class 24/7 support & assistance

– Personal, one-on-one support available around the clock

– We take care of all orders, payments, shipping, and customer service for you



How do I know If SFI is for Me?

If you are a self motivated person, willing to learn and apply what you learn, an action taker, and determined to stick with SFI for the long term, then SFI is for you.

With SFI, your earning potential is virtually unlimited. No experience is required.


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