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Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Eager Zebra Games

In my previous post, I gave a small introduction to the Eager Zebra Games (or simply EZ games).

In this post, I will discuss some frequently asked questions about the EZ games.


(1) Why should I be excited about these silly games called Eager Zebra Games?

Online games are growing in popularity day by day. They are modified, fine-tuned, and getting more exciting. And the number of game lovers are growing rapidly.

These “silly games” represent a massive and hugely-profitable, multi-billion dollar industry played by more than one billion people worldwide!

We expect Eager Zebra games to attract millions of new people to TripleClicks. And these people will obviously check other sections of tripleclicks, like the pricebender auction section, and more than 90K products in different categories.


(2) How many Eager Zebra Games are currently there at Tripleclicks?

As of today, you can find the following games in the EZ Game section of Tripleclick:-

-Grandmaster Poker
-Card King
-Pick The Price (PTP)
-Gold Streak
-Knockout Trivia
-Time Machine
-T Time


(3) What are the prizes offered for playing these EZ games?

By playing these games, if you are the winner, you can win prizes such asTCredits, MRPs (member reward points), gift certificates, versa point etc.

If you are SFI affiliate, you can win versa points, CSAs etc.

If you are a tripleclicks member (and not an SFI affiliate), you can win TCredits, MRPs, gift certificates etc.

The game Card Kind runs a daily zackpot, from which you can win shares of TCredits from the zackpot.

The game PTP offers a weekly zackpot, from which you can win shares of TCredits from the zackpot, each week.

The game T Time is random draw of 30 winners every hour of the day, from which one can earn 2 Tcredits.

For the game Time Machine, if you are one of the winners, you will win your share from the massive TCredit zackpot.

For other games, the winners are entered into the DAILY CROWN drawing, from where152 winners are selected everyday, who can win TCredits, MRPs, gift certificates, EZ express token.



(4) What is a TCredit?

TCredit is just a digital currency of Tripleclicks. You can use a TCredit, to play any Eager Zebra game, or bid in any auction.

Whenever you spend a Tcredit in an EZ game or pricebender auction, you earn 5 MRPs. Then you can use your accumulated MRPs (member reward points) to buy other products  from tripleclicks.

TCredits are available at various packs to be purchased from tripleclicks store. But one can also win TCredits from various EZ games and PB auctions, and an SFI affiliate can also win TCredits from various reward programs in SFI.



(5) Can I play any Eager Zebra game for free daily (without using TCredits)?

Obviously. But not for all EZ games. For example, to play Time Machine, or PTP game, you must spend TCredits.

However, for other games, you can play them free daily, in the following manner:-

– play 2 Card King game for free daily (play additional games using TCredits)

– play 3 knockout trivia games for free daily (play additional games using TCredits)

– play 2 gold streak games for free daily (play additional games using TCredits)

– play unlimited grandmaster poker games free daily (however make 10 games as prime games daily)

– play unlimited zackjack games free daily (however make 10 games as prime games daily)



(6) Are these games fun and entertaining?

I have been playing these games for more than one year now, and I play them everyday. From my experience, I can tell I never get bored playing them.

They are interesting and also relaxing, and some of these games will increase your general knowledge.

As they are not stressful, you can play them anytime, even during late hours of the day.

By playing them you will also earn BADGES and leaderboard ranks. Moreover, there is features added to create your own league, where you can invite a few of your friends, and compete with them.

And, you will also notice surprise notification in your email about your winning of TCredits and other prizes (if you are a winner).

I have seen people of all ages, from all parts of the world playing these games and loving them.



(7) Why the name Eager Zebra?

There are actually lots of reasons why we chose the name, but most of all, we just think it’s a cool and fun name. And isn’t it hard not to smile when you think of such an animal? An enthusiastic, magically-striped go-getter!



(8) Will we be able to promote the games under the new Eager Zebra brand name?

Yes! In the near future, you’re going to have a whole cool new way for you to attract PRMs by promoting Eager Zebra games, such as by offering free game tokens to play any game. The possibilities are limitless! Do you know anyone who plays games? We all do! Yep, you’re soon going to have a near-surefire way to get them to sign up and check out TripleClicks!


(9) So we can make money just for getting people to play games?

Just about. Once you’ve introduced them to TripleClicks, they become your PRM (personally referred Tripleclicks Member). Whenever they buy TCredits to play games, you earn a commission. And there are not only the games, but also Pricebenders auctions, the opportunity to sell their unneeded items at TripleClicks, and over 100,000 products and services to pique their interest! And that’s just today; there’s much more coming to TripleClicks in the future!


(9) Who is Zack?

If you’re going to have a zebra, you have to give him a name…and we’ve named ours Zack. We also named our TripleClicks “jackpots” after him. That is, we call ’em ZACKPOTS!



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