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How to play Eager Zebra Games at Tripleclicks?

The EAGER ZEBRA GAMES division is a highly popular GAMES section from the tripleclicks store.

If you are not aware of what tripleclicks is, tripleclicks is a HUGE online
store from SFI.

SFI is a highly popular online network marketing company, which is online
since 1998. (or simply TC store), is SFI’s online store.

Through TC store, SFI sells its own products (these products
are called TC direct products), and also products from other
sellers (these sellers are called ECA or E Commerce associates).

Tripleclicks has over 90K products in various categories, as well
as a GAMES division and an AUCTION division.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about
the GAMES division, which is also known as the EAGER ZEBRA GAMES division.




EAGER ZEBRA GAMES are a list of highly popular games, that you can find in
the GAMES division of the TC store.

You can check all these games from HERE.

Currently, as of October, 2017, there are EIGHT games in the EAGER ZEBRA GAMES section.

These games are:-

Grandmaster Poker
Card King (offers daily Tcredits zackpot)
Pick the Price (offers weekly TCredits zackpot)
Gold Streak
Knockout Trivia
Time Machine

The first 3 games (grandmaster poker, zackjack, and card king are CARD GAMES).

Pick the price is a weekly contest where you have to predict the price of a current pricebender auction from the AUCTION division of tripleclicks.

Gold Streak, knockout trivia and Time machine are quiz games (trivia games).

The last game, T-Time, is a hourly contest, where 30 winners are chosen, and each winners are given a prize of 2 TCredits.

By being a WINNER of these games, you can win TCredits from zackpot, as well as other prices.

Note that, even if you don’t want to become an SFI affiliate, you can still become a tripleclicks member, and play these games.

Each day you can play a certain number of games for free.

And, if you are an SFI affiliate, you automatically get a tripleclicks account.




Just beside any game, you will notice a “TIPS” button (beside the “play” button).

Click on the TIPS button and go to the TIPS page for any game, and you will
get instruction on how to play a particular eager zebra game.

If you love playing online games, I suggest to check out the Eager Zebra games
section. They are entertaining, relaxing, and also gives many prizes.

You need to be atripleclicks member, to play these games.