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The Exciting Wave3 Program from Tripleclicks – You Need to Check This

What is the Wave3 program?

Whenever you refer a new member to tripleclicks (TC) store, he/she becomes your PRM (Personally Referred Tripleclicks Member).

And whenever someone becomes your PRM, you gain an instant Wave3 membership for 120 days.

The Wave3 program makes it easy for any tripleclicks (TC) member, to refer other PRMs.

There are special, personalized “invitation links” located throughout
the tripleclicks store.

By becoming a member of tripleclicks, you can use these links to invite
others to join tripleclicks.

Even better…Wave3 is a 100% FREE program!

Simply refer a new PRM, and become a Wave3 member for 120 days.

And, as long as you make at least one referral every 120 days, you’ll always be
a Wave3 member and eligible for all W3 benefits.

There is NO kit to buy, NO application to complete, NO monthly re-qualifications,
etc. Just refer a TC member and gain instant W3 membership!

Note that, any SFI affiliate automatically becomes a Tripleclicks member. But there
are some people, who may not like to become an SFI affiliate, but still want to join tripleclicks.

By becoming a tripleclicks member, one can take part in various auctions, play different
eager zebra games, purchase products (over 85K products available), or even list their own products for sale.

Not only that, by becoming a Tripleclicks member, one can get the special invitation links
to refer other PRMs (as already mentioned above).







What are the benefits of free Wave3 program?

When you become a wave3 member, you receive the following benefits:-

1. Receive an exclusive W3 member badge.

2. Free monthly Member Listing.

3. For each TCredit spent by referrals, you’ll earn a free bonus entry in the Daily Crown drawing for that day, for a full year (maximum 5 free bonus entries per day).

4. Earn unlimited MRP Bounties: Earn MRP when referrals buy and win. Example: If you challenge a friend to play Card King and they post a top-50 score within 10 days, you automatically earn 300 MRP! Note: Each POR (point of referral) may have different MRP amounts and/or qualifications for earning the MRP Bounty.

5. Win unlimited TCredits! Lifetime 10% Zackpot Matches of any Eager Zebra Zackpot winnings of your PRMs. Qualifications: Personal minimum $20 purchase at TripleClicks (cash purchase, no MPR or TCredits) AND played same game on same day or period as the winning referred member.

6. Additional recognition (e.g. badges/leaderboard for active “wave makers”–those who refer lots of TC members).

7. Free W3 promotional aids (banners for blogs, etc.).


This way, Wave3 also gives all your PRMs incentives to spread the word about TripleClicks, making each PRM a potential marketer for you, too, which can create even more PRMs, sales, and commissions for you.



With Wave3, a powerful tracking system is built into TripleClicks. And, it is one of the biggest reasons to get excited about Wave3!

From now on, any time one of your PRMs use one of the “Share & Win” or “Friend Challenge” invitation links, any resulting sign-ups will automatically become YOUR PRMs! And this works infinitely deep!




Which invitation links are the most effective to use?

That’s difficult to say, but friend challenge links from Eager Zebra games can be very effective (everyone likes playing games, especially when it’s free to play). And as more games are added, friend challenges will be even more natural for sharing and attracting friends to TripleClicks.


Become a Wave3 member now.

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