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Time Machine – An Exciting Game from Tripleclicks Eager Zebra Games Section

I really like the TIME MACHINE  game. The main reason for this is because I can enter multiple predictions for the same question, each day.

If any one of my predictions is correct, I can win a large number of TCredits from the zackpot.



So, how does the time machine game or contest works?

For each time machine contest, you will be asked a question based on an event, that is going to take place on a later date.

You will be asked to enter the correct prediction for that event on that particular date.

You can input one new entry each day, until the deadline date of entry, for that particular contest, is reached.

Generally the deadline date of entry, and the date of announcement of winners are
clearly mentioned at the time machine game page.


And if any one of your prediction is correct, you will win TCredits, or your SHARE of TCredits (if there are multiple winners).

At the end of each contest, each entry with the correct answer will be named a winner. If there are multiple winners, the prize will be split evenly by the winners.

Winners will be named and the prize automatically awarded to the Member’s TripleClicks account within 72 hours of the end of each contest. The winner will also receive a notification email for his/her win, at his/her registered email address.

If there are no winners (no correct entries), then the prize (“Zackpot”) will roll over to the subsequent Time Machine contest.

The TCredit zackpot for time machine can be quite high (starting with large number of TCredits, and it will keep increasing), so if you predict the correct answer, there is a fair chance that you will win a large number of TCredits.



Who can take part in the time machine contest?

Anyone, who is a member of, can take part in time machine contest, or any other Eager Zebra games, for that matter.

Still not a member of Tripleclicks? Join here.


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