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Leadsleap 2.0 Traffic Platform Review

Leadsleap 2.0 is a great text ad based advertising platform,
as well as a revenue sharing system.

Leadsleap is online since 2008, and its new version
(Leadsleap 2.0)
has been launched in february 2016, and since then
it is going great. This new version is liked by many internet marketers
and online advertisers, and this is primary because of the new improvement
that has been made, and the rewards it offers to its members.

The Leadsleap 2.0 system is designed in such a way members can earn a good
income if they put the efforts in understanding and implementing the system,
and promoting it.

Leadsleap has an MLM scheme implemented into it. By this, I mean you can
earn credits from upto 10 levels of your downline if you have more than 20 referrals.

Free ads

Free members can show 3 ads. They will need
credits for that.

PRO ads

Pro members can show 10 pro ads and 10 free ads.

Pro ads don’t require credits. That means they will rotate

For free ads, the ad frequency is only 40%.

Leadsleap blog

Leadsleap also has its own blog which offers many
good articles on online marketing, and how to build
an online business. You will also get information on
various aspects and updates of leadsleap within this
blog. The Admin, Kenneth Koh, has really put some
effort to make this blog a great resource for all online

Work hard with Leadsleap 2.0

Your traffic will continue to rise, if you work hard.
By this, I mean try to understand how the system work.
Once you become a member, you will get all information
on how to make leadsleap a great income opportunity
for you, from the member area and the leadsleap blog.
I will also suggest you to put some effort in promoting
your leadsleap affiliate link. Not everyone who joins under
you will upgrade, but surely some of them will, and you will
earn residual monthly commissions from them.

As a pro member, you will earn double of everything where
you can earn money. That means you will earn double affiliate
comissions, and double income from daily and weekly revenue
sharing, than if you just remain a free member. As a pro
member, you will also have the ability to convert your credits
into cash.

Free members can show only 3 free ads. Free ads require that
you should first earn credits, for your ads to be shown in the

Pro members can show 10 free and 10 pro ads. Pro ads don’t require
credits. That means they will be shown instantly into the network
after you set them up, and you can change them anytime you wish.
That means, if you want to get instant traffic to a new ad, you can
do so by just being a pro member.

One thing I like about the leadsleap marketplace is that there are
different categories where show your ads – this means you can promote
many different products in different niches – NOT just make money online

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