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Money Machine Dream Team (AIOP Teambuild) Review

MMDT (Money Machine Dream Team) is a AIOP team build from Daniel Rydstedt.

AIOP (All in One Profits) is an evergreen program, with a great compensation plan.

AIOP was founded in 2012. This program has an honest admin, and they provide good support.



The AIOP Compensation Plan

With only $11.5 monthly fee, you get access to the basic membership of All in One Profits.

Once you become a member of AIOP, you can refer others to AIOP. All odd referrals are passed to you (which means you become the sponsor of all odd referrals).

All even referrals that you get, are passed up to your sponsor. Which means your sponsor becomes the sponsor of all your even referrals.

Now, as each of your odd referrals start promoting their AIOP link, they will start to get referrals, and all of the even referrals they get, will be passed up to you.

Can you see the power of this? As time passes, you can build your downline infinitely wide and infinitely deep, and for each downline member you become a sponsor, you receive a $10 monthly commission from them.

AIOP compensation plan is designed in such a way that this business will work for YOU no matter who you are or what your situation is. With a small monthly fee of $11.50, you get access to a great compensation plan, and all the essential online marketing tools.

AIOP is your “all in one solution” to achieve success.



The Money Machine Dream Team

The Money Machine Dream Team follows a simple 2 step process, to build your AIOP business:-

Step #1 :-  Recruit 6 good people, Who are committed to completing the 2 step plan.

Step #2 :-  Do Step #1 at all cost, to work as long as it takes, to get your 6 good people.

This is a simple 2 step plan that allows anyone to change their life financially with little cost, and virtually no risk.

When you join Money Making Dream Team, you will receive the tools and support to get your minimum 6 people, who will be committed to follow the 2 step plan.

Click HERE to sign up, and get access to the training video.

What Are Various TCredit Packs at Tripleclicks?

At the tripleclicks store (TC store), various TCredit packs are available to purchase such as:-

TCredits – 50 pack (contains 50 TCredits)

TCredits – 10 pack (contains 10 TCredits)

TCredits – 125 pack (SFI Affiliates Only)

TCredits – 100 pack

TCredits – 200 pack


Check more TCredit packs from HERE

Whenever you purchase any TCredit pack, that amount of TCredits immediately get added to your tripleclicks account. Just login to your TC account, and at the top, you can see your TCredit count and MRP count.

Note that, if you are an SFI affiliate, you automatically get a TC account. However, if you are not an SFI affiliate, you can still become a TC member.  You can create a Tripleclicks account from here.


What are TCredits?

TCredits are the TC store’s “currency”.

You can spend your TCredits in any Eager Zebra game, or placing bids in any Pricebenders Auction.

Whenever you spend a TCredit in any EZ game or pricebender auction, you earn 5 MRPs (member reward points). Some auctions are double MRP auctions (2x auctions), which means you earn 10 MRPs for each TCredit spent in those auctions.


Here are primary uses for TCredits at TripleClicks:

1. Redeem your TCredits on thousands of products at TripleClicks. Just choose TCredits as your payment method when you check out.

2. Use your TCredits playing Eager Zebra™ games at TripleClicks.

3. At Pricebenders™ Penny Auctions, you can use your TCredits to bid on hot, new, brand name products in electronics, kitchen gear, tools, home and garden, office products, and much more.


TCredits have even more uses for SFI affiliates:

A. If you are a SFI affiliate, you can use TCredits as rewards or contest prizes for hardworking affiliates on your team (easily transfer TCredits to recipients via your Genealogy Report).

B. Offer free TCredits to your current PRMs (personally referred TC members), or attract new PRM.



Different Ways You Can Get TCredits

Here are all the different ways you can acquire “mighty” TCredits:

1. If you are an SFI affiliate, depending on your affiliate rank or status, you can receive
upto 24 TCredits each month.

2. Purchase TCredits at TripleClicks, in various bundle sizes, for as little as $0.29 apiece. Note: Earn VersaPoints with every TCredit purchase!

3. Win TCredits from TCredits zackpots from Eager Zebra games such as Time Machine, Card King and Pick the Price.

4. Win TCredits bidding on various “TCredits Packs auctions” at Pricebenders Auctions division of TC store.

5. If you are a SFI affiliate, you can Win TCredits daily, in the E365 Daily Drawing.

6. Any SFI affiliate or TC member can Win TCredits daily, in the T-Time Hourly Drawing at TripleClicks.

7. You may be eligible to receive TCredits from your SFI sponsor via a TripleClicks Transfer (check with your sponsor).

8. You can earn up to one free Bonus TCredit per dollar spent for a TCD (TripleClicks Direct) item when paying with Bitcoin.

9. You can have one FREE TCredit instantly added to your account by sending a postcard to the SFI/TC Corporate Office.

Note: After you get TCredits in your Tripleclicks account, they must be used within ONE YEAR. After that time, TCredits expire.



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An Introduction to Pricebenders Auction from Tripleclicks




Why Take Part in Various Pricebenders Auctions from Tripleclicks?

Pricebenders Auction division from Tripleclicks store (TC store), is the penny auction division, where you can take part in various auctions, and get a chance to win various physical and digital items.

To take part in any auction, you need to have some TCredits in your TC account.

You can check various TCredits packs from HERE.

If you are a SFI affiliate, you can login to TC store with your same SFI id and password.

Or, if you are not an SFI affiliate, you can join Tripleclicks simply from here.

Note: SFI affiliates can take part in some additional auctions like PSA auctions, CSA auctions, s builder unit auctions etc.

But if you are not an SFI affiliate, and just a TC member, you can take part in many other auctions, including various physical auctions, TCredits auctions etc.

Once logged in to the TC store, create your tripleclicks avatar and username (which is very easy to do), purchase some TCredits, and then start bidding in whatever auction you choose to participate.

To place a bid an auction, you need to spend a TCredit. For each TCredit you spend for placing a bid in any auction, you win 1 versa point and 5 member reward points (MRPs).

In this blog post, I am going to list some reasons why you should consider taking part in various Pricebeners auctions at TC store.



(1) Reason #1 : Taking Part in Pricebenders Auctions will help you to promote Pricebender Auction more effectively

When you take part in various pricebender auctions yourself, you will have the knowledge when how to place bids, when to place bids etc. You will have the idea about how other bidders are bidding, who are the power bidders etc. You will also have idea about at what times, bidding is more profitable, when there are less bidders in the auctions etc.

Having all these knowledge will help you to promote pricebender auctions effectively. Remember, if you are a SFI affiliate, you can promote pricebender auction, and whenever you refer someone, and that person buys a TCredit pack, you will earn 45% of the commission volume of the purchase, along with all the sales versa points that are attached to the product.



(2) Reason #2 : Taking part in pricebender auctions continuously, will  develop your skills as a bidder

Remember, the more you take part in these auctions, the more you will get ideas about how to bid and when to bid. You will be able to come out your own unique strategies to how to outbid others and win the auction.



(3) Reason #3 : Taking part in pricebender auctions continuously, will help build your SFI business

As SFI is a network marketing company (since SFI’s compensation plan works on the same principles of a network marketing company’s compensation plan), it is clear that the more personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs) you have under you, the more chance some of them will become active, and will help build your downline team.

As a result, you must continually look for new PSAs all the time. There are various PSA auctions running all the time (5 PSAs auctions, 10 PSAs auctions, 25 PSAs auctions etc). If you take part in these auctions and win the auctions, you can receive PSAs at a very low cost, and this can help build your SFI team.



(4) Reason #4 : You can take part in physical auctions, and if you win, you can exchange your auction won items with TCredits

TCredits are the digital currency of tripleclicks. You can spend a TCredit to place a bid in any pricebenders auction, or take part in any Eager Zebra game.

Any tripleclicks member from any part of the world, can take part in all physical auctions from Pricebenders Auction division, and if you win any physical auction, when you order that auction won item, during the order process you have an option to exchange your auction won item with a number of TCredits.

Just login to tripleclicks, and go to any physical item auction page, and check the right side for “TCredits exchange value”. This number denotes how many TCredits you get when you exchange the auction won item with TCredits.



(5) Reason #5 : Consistently taking part in various auctions will help you understand when is the right time for you to bid in certain auctions.

By continually taking parts in various auctions, you will have idea about when is the best time to bid in certain auctions. For example, there are various TCredit pack auction, or PSA/CSA/PRM auctions that you want to take part and win. How for some days, if you continually take part in them, you will have a good idea is when is the right time to take part in a certain auction, because there will be less number of bidders then.

Note that, taking part in an auction does not always mean placing a lots of bids in that auction. If you just place one or two bids in an auction, and then watch from the sideline, how others are bidding, that is also taking part in that auction.





Reason #6 : Different Amazon Gift Cards are available as auction items

If you like to shop at Amazon, you will love Pricebenders Auction from TC store. This is because, recently TC store’s Pricebender Auction Division is also featuring Various Amazon Gift Cards Auctions. These gift cards can be of variety of denominations from $20 on up to $400.

You can read this SFI news from HERE

NOTE: Due to restrictions beyond SFI’s control, (India) and (Mexico) are currently unavailable for participation at this time.




Reason #7 : New Items are Continuously Added at Pricebenders Auction

As Pricebenders Auctions increases in popurlarity, I have seen more and more NEW AUCTION ITEMS being added.

Here are examples of some recent additions:

Bluedio Turbine T2s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

FlexSafe by AquaVault–Anti-Theft Portable Safe, Travel Vault, LockBox

Pawbo Life Pet Camera

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender w/Whisk & Chopper Attachments

$75 cash card for ANY item your heart desires from Amazon & 50 TCredits

Automotive 720p HD Dashcam with Night Vision & 50 TCredits

Silver American Eagle Coin With Acrylic Coin Capsule

Syma S107C Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro & Camera/Video Recording

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale: Measures Weight, Fat, Muscle, Bone & Hydration with Auto Recognition and Infant Tare Technology




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SFI Introduces the Rewardical Program

Recently, SFI has introduced its new Rewardical program, which is a powerful new loyalty program for businesses (and a crazy cool program for SFI affiliates).

The businesses that participate in this program, can now automatically award “Rewardical” reward tokens to their customers.

The customers who receive rewardical tokens, can then redeem these tokens, for a variety of irresistible goodies at, including:

-Pure silver bullion bars
-TripleClicks gift certificates (redeemable on any product at TripleClicks)

Customers can also donate their Rewardicals (that is, we’ll convert them to cash and make a donation on their behalf to a charity of their choosing).

More redeemable items to come!






Official Reward Token of Localvantia

Rewardical program is also the official reward for SFI’s powerful and groundbreaking new division called Localvantia, and will likely be THE most important component of Localvantia, empowering it to attract millions of people in the months to come!

By simply enrolling in Localvantia, businesses will be able to immediately begin awarding Rewardical tokens to their customers.




What are Rewardicals?

Rewardicals (sometimes referred to Rewardical Tokens or RT) are amazing digital tokens someone can earn FREE while…

– Shopping and dining at local businesses
– Shopping at online stores (including TripleClicks)
– Playing online games and contests at TripleClicks and the SFI Affiliate Center

You can then redeem your Rewardical tokens whenever you want for a variety of cool products and other irresistible goodies–including VersaPoints, free Bitcoin, gift cards, silver bullion, and more!

To redeem your RTs, you must have a rewardical account. You can create a rewardical account from HERE

Use promo code: f593ea






Some Other Great Benefits of the Rewardical Program:

(1) The Rewardical Loyalty Program has a very powerful, built-in referral program.

SFI affiliates, now by just referring PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) and PRMs (Personally Referred Tripleclicks Members), can earn rewardical tokens. For every 10 Rewardicals (or rewardical tokens), earned by your PSAs and PRMs, you’ll earn one Rewardical token.

Example: Your PSAs and PRMs earn 50,000 Rewardicals in December shopping at local merchants. On January 1st, you’ll automatically be awarded 5,000 Rewardicals…that you can then exchange for whatever you want…VersaPoints, TCredits, CSAs, Bitcoin, etc.


(2) SFI affiliates, can now earn rewardical tokens, by taking part in various reward programs from SFI, like tripleclicks daily crown drawing, Daily Biz Quiz, Daily Grand, Badge Quest Contest etc.


(3) SFI affiliates can now earn rewardical tokens by making purchases from Tripleclicks store. Purchases like various TCredit Packs, Builder Bundle, super deals, tripleclicks direct product purchases etc, comes now with rewardical tokens.


(4) Even if you are not an sFI affilate, you can still create a rewardical account, and refer other rewardical members. If you refer any rewardical member, that member becomes your “rewardical PRM”, and then, as described in (1), you will earn 1 rewardical tokens for every 10 rewardical tokens earned by your rewardical PRMs.

You can create a rewardical account from HERE

Use promo code: f593ea



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An Introduction to Pricebenders Auction from Tripleclicks

SFI’s highly popular online store (or simply TC store) has over 90K+ products, a game division, a penny auction division. This makes tripleclicks a desirable destination for all kinds of shoppers, from all around the world. In other words, TC has something for everyone.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about the penny auction division of TC store, which is also known as “Pricebender Auction”.


What is Pricebenders?

Pricebenders is the penny auction division of TC store. It allows you to bid on, and win hot, name brand products, and other SFI business building tools, for a fraction of the retail price – typically more than 90% off – with a minimum savings of 77% off.

If it is a physical auction, then it offers free shipping to US/Canada.

The items that are auctioned are of diverse ranges, from various physical items like laptop, oil diffuser, sandwitch maker, silver bar, silver or gold coins etc, to various digital items like amazon gift cards, TCredits, PSAs, CSAs, PRMs etc.

If you are an SFI affiliate, you can take part in PSA/CSA auctions also (including the all other auctions). And if you are just a tripleclicks member (not an SFI affiliate), you can take part in most auctions.

To place a bid, you need to spend a TCredit. There are various TCredits packs available at TC store, suitable for everyone’s budget. There are also various TCredit auctions running all the time.




How does it work?

Generally, at any moment you will notice 3 or 4 auctions are running. And, as soon as one auction ends, another one starts.

Once you have got (purchased) your TCredits, you are ready to bid in any auction. I suggest to have at least 20 to 50 TCredits in your TC account, before taking part in any auction.

Just click on the “bid now” button on the auction page, to place a bid. With each bid placed, you automatically earn 1 VP and 5 MRPs (10 MRPs for 2x auctions).

Also, with each bid placed, the auction timer resets and start over again. And, with each bid placed, the item price increases by 1 cent.

If you are the final bidder, you win the auction. Then you will be given a link to purchase the item within the next 30 days, at the final auction price.

Also, while the auction is running, you can see whoever is placing bid, by looking at the “open bid log” link, at the right side of the auction page.

You can place bids in as many auctions as you wish.

There are also many junior and micro auctions are available, which are suitable for beginners.





An introduction to SFI

What is SFI?

SFI stands for Strong Future International Marketing Group, and it is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the world.

SFI is one of the top network marketing companies online today. SFI is now in its 19th year, and its parent company, Carson Services Inc, is now in its 32nd year in business.

SFI has millions of affiliates, who operate with the peace of mind, by associating with a proven, debt-free organization, with a long, successful history.

Starting with just one product, sold only in the U.S., SFI has grown to over 90K products and  services (and is growing daily), sold in more than 190 countries around the world.

For nearly two decades now, SFI has been providing anyone who is willing to work, a great way to earn extra income – from the comfort of their home.

Since SFI provides outstanding training and marketing tools, hence to get started with SFI, it  does not matter whether you have and experience in marketing or not. Simply plugin to their proven system, and go to work!

And the best part of SFI is that they are only scratching the surface of what they are likely  to become during the next 10 years. Their potential is off the charts!



The Job of A SFI affiliate

As an SFI affiliate, your job is to sell various products from SFI’s e-commerce store  tripleclicks. You can do the sales yourself, and/or teach your downline members to do the same.

Since SFI’s compensation plan operates on the same principles of a network marketing company’s compensation plan, you get paid for both your own sales and your downline team sales.

There are some other ways to earn income from SFI, for example, when your downline team members  purchases products from tripleclicks, you make a commission.

Also, you can refer E commerce associates (ECAs) to tripleclicks store, and earn royalties for  life, whenever they make sales.

Also, SFI offers a profit sharing program to all SFI affiliates, where 40% of all sales each  month from tripleclicks store, goes to a profit sharing pool, which then distributed to all SFI affiliates, who meet certain criterias.



What is Tripleclicks? (or simply TC store), is SFI’s online ecommerce store. SFI sells more than 90K products from here.

There are also a game division and a penny auction division within tripleclicks, both of which  are highly popular.

Learn more about tripleclicks from here.



Why Should You Consider Joining SFI?

SFI does not provide you with any false promises of instant riches. However, considering the fact that online sales is growing at a rapid rate, there is plenty more to gain from joining companies like SFI.

SFI has been serving entrepreneurs from all over the world for nearly 2 decades (its parent comapany for 3 decades). There are many SFI affiliates who are with this company for more than 7 years.

SFI is highly rated and trusted bronze member of BBB (Better Business Bureau).

To join SFI as an affiliate, there is no joining fees. You can join for free, and test drive SFI as long as you want, with no obligation. Get access to the world-class training center – for as long as you want – and without ever any cost. Do as little or as much with SFI as you want. Go fast, go slow, it does not matter. And, all the while, you can earn while you learn.

At SFI, we strive to teach you about how to make money, not spend it. And only when you make money, we will make money. There is no purchase requirement. We are going to do everything in our power power to make sure you become successful – because we become successful only when our affiliates (like you) become successful.

When you become an SFI affiliate, you automatically get a tripleclicks (TC) account.As an SFI affiliate, TC becomes your store. A store with over 90K products, and growing daily. Thus your own online store could be making sales for your 24/7, and earn commissions while you  sleep. With over 90K products, and a game division and a penny auction division, just imagine the possibilities.

No previous business experience needed. Our extensive online training, innovative plug-and-play  sales aids allow you to get started quickly, and earn as you learn. Perfect for the newbies.

Earn income globally 24/7. Both front end cash, and ongoing, back end residual income that can gradually replace your current job or career. And there is no ceiling to how much you can earn.

You can do your SFI business part time. Your SFI business won’t interfere with your current job or profession.

More reasons to join SFI:-

– A lucrative, powerful compensation plan

– deep override commissions

– long term residual income potential

– comapanywide profit sharing commission pool

– Work with like minded fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world for mutual success

– Thousands of SFI affiliates around the world earn commissions every day

– Debt-free company

– Fun, fast, modern program built for the Internet

– Continuous income cycling (earn 24 hours a day/365 days a year)

– 90K+ commissionable products + new products added daily

– Receive World-class 24/7 support & assistance

– Personal, one-on-one support available around the clock

– We take care of all orders, payments, shipping, and customer service for you



How do I know If SFI is for Me?

If you are a self motivated person, willing to learn and apply what you learn, an action taker, and determined to stick with SFI for the long term, then SFI is for you.

With SFI, your earning potential is virtually unlimited. No experience is required.


Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Eager Zebra Games

In my previous post, I gave a small introduction to the Eager Zebra Games (or simply EZ games).

In this post, I will discuss some frequently asked questions about the EZ games.


(1) Why should I be excited about these silly games called Eager Zebra Games?

Online games are growing in popularity day by day. They are modified, fine-tuned, and getting more exciting. And the number of game lovers are growing rapidly.

These “silly games” represent a massive and hugely-profitable, multi-billion dollar industry played by more than one billion people worldwide!

We expect Eager Zebra games to attract millions of new people to TripleClicks. And these people will obviously check other sections of tripleclicks, like the pricebender auction section, and more than 90K products in different categories.


(2) How many Eager Zebra Games are currently there at Tripleclicks?

As of today, you can find the following games in the EZ Game section of Tripleclick:-

-Grandmaster Poker
-Card King
-Pick The Price (PTP)
-Gold Streak
-Knockout Trivia
-Time Machine
-T Time


(3) What are the prizes offered for playing these EZ games?

By playing these games, if you are the winner, you can win prizes such asTCredits, MRPs (member reward points), gift certificates, versa point etc.

If you are SFI affiliate, you can win versa points, CSAs etc.

If you are a tripleclicks member (and not an SFI affiliate), you can win TCredits, MRPs, gift certificates etc.

The game Card Kind runs a daily zackpot, from which you can win shares of TCredits from the zackpot.

The game PTP offers a weekly zackpot, from which you can win shares of TCredits from the zackpot, each week.

The game T Time is random draw of 30 winners every hour of the day, from which one can earn 2 Tcredits.

For the game Time Machine, if you are one of the winners, you will win your share from the massive TCredit zackpot.

For other games, the winners are entered into the DAILY CROWN drawing, from where152 winners are selected everyday, who can win TCredits, MRPs, gift certificates, EZ express token.



(4) What is a TCredit?

TCredit is just a digital currency of Tripleclicks. You can use a TCredit, to play any Eager Zebra game, or bid in any auction.

Whenever you spend a Tcredit in an EZ game or pricebender auction, you earn 5 MRPs. Then you can use your accumulated MRPs (member reward points) to buy other products  from tripleclicks.

TCredits are available at various packs to be purchased from tripleclicks store. But one can also win TCredits from various EZ games and PB auctions, and an SFI affiliate can also win TCredits from various reward programs in SFI.



(5) Can I play any Eager Zebra game for free daily (without using TCredits)?

Obviously. But not for all EZ games. For example, to play Time Machine, or PTP game, you must spend TCredits.

However, for other games, you can play them free daily, in the following manner:-

– play 2 Card King game for free daily (play additional games using TCredits)

– play 3 knockout trivia games for free daily (play additional games using TCredits)

– play 2 gold streak games for free daily (play additional games using TCredits)

– play unlimited grandmaster poker games free daily (however make 10 games as prime games daily)

– play unlimited zackjack games free daily (however make 10 games as prime games daily)



(6) Are these games fun and entertaining?

I have been playing these games for more than one year now, and I play them everyday. From my experience, I can tell I never get bored playing them.

They are interesting and also relaxing, and some of these games will increase your general knowledge.

As they are not stressful, you can play them anytime, even during late hours of the day.

By playing them you will also earn BADGES and leaderboard ranks. Moreover, there is features added to create your own league, where you can invite a few of your friends, and compete with them.

And, you will also notice surprise notification in your email about your winning of TCredits and other prizes (if you are a winner).

I have seen people of all ages, from all parts of the world playing these games and loving them.



(7) Why the name Eager Zebra?

There are actually lots of reasons why we chose the name, but most of all, we just think it’s a cool and fun name. And isn’t it hard not to smile when you think of such an animal? An enthusiastic, magically-striped go-getter!



(8) Will we be able to promote the games under the new Eager Zebra brand name?

Yes! In the near future, you’re going to have a whole cool new way for you to attract PRMs by promoting Eager Zebra games, such as by offering free game tokens to play any game. The possibilities are limitless! Do you know anyone who plays games? We all do! Yep, you’re soon going to have a near-surefire way to get them to sign up and check out TripleClicks!


(9) So we can make money just for getting people to play games?

Just about. Once you’ve introduced them to TripleClicks, they become your PRM (personally referred Tripleclicks Member). Whenever they buy TCredits to play games, you earn a commission. And there are not only the games, but also Pricebenders auctions, the opportunity to sell their unneeded items at TripleClicks, and over 100,000 products and services to pique their interest! And that’s just today; there’s much more coming to TripleClicks in the future!


(9) Who is Zack?

If you’re going to have a zebra, you have to give him a name…and we’ve named ours Zack. We also named our TripleClicks “jackpots” after him. That is, we call ’em ZACKPOTS!



What is Tripleclicks?

What is Tripleclicks?

Every network marketing company has some products to sell. Without someting to sell, there is no business.

Tripleclicks (or simply TC store), is SFI’s online store, where it sells more than 90K products (as of today).

Many of these products are from SFI’s own products (called TC direct products or
simply TCD products). And, there are many other products that are from many
ECAs (E Commerce Associates), who have created their store at tripleclicks.

If you are an SFI affiliate, you automatically gets a TC account. However, a customer can also directly create an account with tripleclicks, and purchase any product from there.

TC store also has a game division and a penny auction division, both of these are highly popular, and created huge interests amongst those, who are involved in them.



Why You Should Consider Joining Tripleclicks?

Even if you don’t want to become an SFI affilate, you can still create an account
at tripleclicks, and get the huge benefits from its membership.

If you are a game lover, you will love these games called Eager Zebra Games.

You can play these games a few times for free daily.

If you are an auction lover, you will love the penny auction division
called Pricebender Auction.

Moreover, if you like to shop different products, at bargain deals, you will
get many opportunities there, daily.

You just have to get acquainted with the TC store, and browse its various
categories. There are many different categories, with a wide range of products,
and some of these products offer free shipping.


How to play Eager Zebra Games at Tripleclicks?

The EAGER ZEBRA GAMES division is a highly popular GAMES section from the tripleclicks store.

If you are not aware of what tripleclicks is, tripleclicks is a HUGE online
store from SFI.

SFI is a highly popular online network marketing company, which is online
since 1998. (or simply TC store), is SFI’s online store.

Through TC store, SFI sells its own products (these products
are called TC direct products), and also products from other
sellers (these sellers are called ECA or E Commerce associates).

Tripleclicks has over 90K products in various categories, as well
as a GAMES division and an AUCTION division.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about
the GAMES division, which is also known as the EAGER ZEBRA GAMES division.




EAGER ZEBRA GAMES are a list of highly popular games, that you can find in
the GAMES division of the TC store.

You can check all these games from HERE.

Currently, as of October, 2017, there are EIGHT games in the EAGER ZEBRA GAMES section.

These games are:-

Grandmaster Poker
Card King (offers daily Tcredits zackpot)
Pick the Price (offers weekly TCredits zackpot)
Gold Streak
Knockout Trivia
Time Machine

The first 3 games (grandmaster poker, zackjack, and card king are CARD GAMES).

Pick the price is a weekly contest where you have to predict the price of a current pricebender auction from the AUCTION division of tripleclicks.

Gold Streak, knockout trivia and Time machine are quiz games (trivia games).

The last game, T-Time, is a hourly contest, where 30 winners are chosen, and each winners are given a prize of 2 TCredits.

By being a WINNER of these games, you can win TCredits from zackpot, as well as other prices.

Note that, even if you don’t want to become an SFI affiliate, you can still become a tripleclicks member, and play these games.

Each day you can play a certain number of games for free.

And, if you are an SFI affiliate, you automatically get a tripleclicks account.




Just beside any game, you will notice a “TIPS” button (beside the “play” button).

Click on the TIPS button and go to the TIPS page for any game, and you will
get instruction on how to play a particular eager zebra game.

If you love playing online games, I suggest to check out the Eager Zebra games
section. They are entertaining, relaxing, and also gives many prizes.

You need to be atripleclicks member, to play these games.





The Exciting Wave3 Program from Tripleclicks – You Need to Check This

What is the Wave3 program?

Whenever you refer a new member to tripleclicks (TC) store, he/she becomes your PRM (Personally Referred Tripleclicks Member).

And whenever someone becomes your PRM, you gain an instant Wave3 membership for 120 days.

The Wave3 program makes it easy for any tripleclicks (TC) member, to refer other PRMs.

There are special, personalized “invitation links” located throughout
the tripleclicks store.

By becoming a member of tripleclicks, you can use these links to invite
others to join tripleclicks.